Sunday, July 5, 2009


To be a true blogger... you must have a working camera.

What a strange place this is....

Sometimes I have days when I have plenty to do, plenty of people I could see, plenty of books to read, plenty of homework to do, but I just don't quite know what I want to do. The problem isn't the lack of options but rather too many. I know that I can't complain about this....most people would call me ungrateful for not picking something and sticking with it. Call it indecision, being fickle, young, immature, or simply not knowing what you want but that is it. Unfortunately this is not something just today. It is everyday. I am almost finished with school and I can't quite put my finger on what I want to do now. I know what I want to do the far distant future. Is it possible to plan so far ahead that you simply forget about tomorrow?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I covet creative minds.

I know its a commandment not to covet...but dang! It is hard not to covet those people who seem to know everything. My favorite people to spend time with are those people who can say 2 words and inspire me to read what they read. to see what they have seen. to meet who they've met... jealousy.... coveting. There are several people I hear about or meet and I Can you please sit down with me for a few hours and let whatever you have rub off on me?! Thanks. You're a doll.

This is the fate of Kate.

jumping back on the band wagon

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kate. She decided to make it one of her summer goals to blog more. Of course the definition of "more" is "more often than she used to"...which should be rather simple considering her last post was at Christmas time. She gives herself a hard time thinking that if she posts something it has to be amazing. or it has to be really thought provoking. or really long.

The ironic thing is that when she reads other people's blogs, she normally only has time to read the short ones anyway. Therefore, she now commits to no longer write insanely long posts and to post more often......That is the fate of Kate. the end

ps. The picture has nothing to do with anything. it just cracks me up! ;)