Friday, September 26, 2008

Why is that??

So why is it that when we are insanely busy, we decide that we want to do the impossible and do things we don't have time for in a regular day. For example, its very late at night and you have a paper to write that is due tomorrow morning. Do you work on the paper so it can be finished earlier? No. Instead, you download music on the internet, look at pictures, read old journal entries, call friends and write blogs.
I have an absolutely absurd schedule. Literally every second of my day is mapped out, yet I find myself wanting to try things that I have absolutely no time for. Its frustrating because usually they are things that I previously had no desire to do when I actually did have time to do them. The worst part is that those great things that I would like to make time for, but can't, are the things I say no to and then I end up not doing what i planned to do in the first place. Like turning someone down to do something fun because you have a project due tomorrow and then once you get home, you don't even work on the project and you realize that you should have just gone instead of doing all these other pointless things like look at pictures and download music. I wish I could just decide what to do with my time and make the absolute best use of it, including doing fun things that shouldn't be missed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Little Obsessed, Are We?

So I have been obsessed with random music lately. Here are the obsessions:

1. Jason Robert Brown: Songs for a New World. (I sing "I'm not afraid of anything" and "I'd give it all for you" in the shower. I can't help myself. another shower pick is: "Come, Come Ye Saints" and "For Good" from Wicked)

2. Dream Girls Soundtrack: I have only seen bits and pieces of the movie but I randomely got the urge to listen to the music and there are a few songs I can't seem to get enough of. "Listen" "I love you, I do" and "And I'm telling you, I'm not going". I realize that everyone had their phases when they were obsessed with this movie. I am just a late bloomer.

3. The Very Best of Opera: Yes. I am classy. I was mostly obsessed with this during the summer but I certainly have my moments now. My favorite are the songs sung by the men. Particularly "Nessun Dorma" and "Donna Non Vidi Mai" both by Puccini. I also love "Recitar! ... Vesti La Giubba" by Leoncavallo. This one has me extremely confused. I can never tell if he is crying or laughing in it. My guess is crying. I wonder what he is crying about...if only I knew Italian. And of course the classic, "Rigoletto" by Verdi. This one gets me pumped for the day and reminds me of "Family Man."

4. Piano Cascades. It is this amazing CD with the most peaceful music you will ever hear in your life. It is just simple piano compositions with waterfalls and birds in the background. During the summer I would play this CD when I was reading a book outside on the hammock in the backyard and I felt like I was in heaven. But now I put it on when I go to bed and I am literally out before the first song is over. Its amazing! Try it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Just a Few Changes Lately

Wow. Wow. Wow. So I haven't posted a blog in ages. I saw a friend today and she reminded me of this fact. So I need to do a little update blog. 2 big changes. #1. I am single and doing fantastic. :) #2. I live in a house now. I will admit, its a little on the ghetto side. We have no air conditioner, but we have swamp coolers. My room is in the attic so its got a little A-frame feel but let me tell you that its seriously the sweetest room ever! We have sky blue SHAG carpet. :) yes. 70's! and everything is wood. Its our own little oasis. When I say our I mean my roommate Vania and mine. Vania is the coolest girl ever. She is from a small island in the Indian Ocean called Mauritius. She speaks 3 languages and is just hilarious and beautiful. We have so much fun in our little attic room! So that is the update on the house. We will be having a house warming party soon so keep your ears and you can come see the house for yourself. :)